Subdirectory pages Not secure

I have added website “” SSL for secure but no working because my whole website is add on subdirectory. Not working with directories please help me.

What exactly is the issue? Your site seems to load fine ->

Only issue, you dont seem to have a valid certificate on your server, which means you cant have “Full strict” on Cloudflare, but only the less secure “Full”.

What i do my website not working in subdirectory show to Not secure in this link .

Right now it throws a 526. I presume you changed the SSL mode. This generally is a good idea, however you also need to make sure you have a valid certificate on your server, which you dont seem to have. So for starters, fix the certificate issue on your server.

How to add Certificate ?

Your host should know that. You do have a certificate, however it is not valid for your domain.

I have only FTP access. I am simple add website on cloudflare or change dns on main server but “SECURE” is not working. other subdirectories links

Plese help me

In this case you should contact your host and tell them to configure a proper certificate.

For now you could switch back to “Full”, though this will be less secure as I mentioned, to check whatever other issue you seem to have.

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