Sub sub domain gives HTTPS error?

We have a sub sub domain for our business:

If you go there you will have this error: ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

SSL/TLS encryption mode for is Full and active.

However if we use DNS only instead of Proxied for xxxx.yyyy, it’s working properly.

What are we doing wrong here? Doesn’t CloudFlare support sub-sub-domains?

Cloudflare does support sub-sub-domains, but the default certificate does not. Instead, go to Edge Certificates and purchase a certificate that covers your specific need.

Keep in mind that certificate wildcards cannot cover more than one level, so you need * or

Got it thanks! Can you please edit the subdomain out? It’s appreciated!

I’m marking your answer as solution now.

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No problem, hopefully that looks good?

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