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Hello, Are sub domains covered by the SSL or do I need to purchase them separately? I had my website on Cloudflare and the subdomains showed as insecure. My hosts suggested their Security Essential add to run through them. I am now thinking I want to move my site back to Cloudflare but how do I deal with subdomains? Thank you. (Im not a developer!)

Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS covers and *

Since your site is no longer on Cloudflare, we can’t check to see what the real issue is.

So would it cover and my name which points to the same site?

Cloudflare SSL will cover allaboutstyle, www.allaboutstyle, and sub.allaboutstyle. But it won’t cover www.sub.allaboutstyle because that’s *.*

Most often, sites that show Not Secure are due to Mixed Content.

Thank you. I am not entirely clear, sorry. So if I have other domains like which just points to then that wouldn’t be covered and is mixed content? So would I need to purchase a separate SSL for every domain name?

The main domain came up normally but when I keyed the others into Google it said something like not secure. Many thanks

allaboutcolor is a direct redirect to allaboutstyle. Cloudflare will cover that domain as well as a separate “zone” (domain).

Again, without actually seeing the problem on Cloudflare, we can’t troubleshoot.

Thank you very much for your help. So I think Cloudflare should cover it without having to purchase additional certificates. If I have understood correctly.

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