Sub Domains not working

I have a firebase app pointing to my sub domain. I switched to Cloudflare. Now my domain is working but sub domains are not working.

I followed a tutorial and added a CNAME record for one of my sub domain. The sub domain work but its not displaying my firebase app hosted.

My guess, you havent set up the required records but without the domain it is impossible to say more.

Thanks for your response. When I checked my firebase console, it says “Need Verification”. For verification, I need to add A records, but I’m not able to add A records for my sub domains. Can you help me with that?

Thanks again

I can only repeat myself.

Ok so my domain is and my sub domain is

I want to point to my website which is hosted on Firebase and the link is

I bought the domain from TSOHOST and have setup up custom DNS records for my sub domain to point to my Firebaseapp.

Now after switching to Cloudflare, my domain seems to work fine but had issues running my sub domain, so I added CNAME records on my domain to enable my subdomain.

After adding CNAME record my sub domain is working but not displaying my actual firebase hosted web app.

I am new to all this. I even asked TSOHOST but they asked me to contact Cloudflare.

searchbooks does exist but it apparently points to somewhere else.

Can you post a screenshot of that DNS record?

Thanks for your quick response. Please find all the screenshots of my DNS records for cloudfare

The CNAME is all right, however it points to the wrong address, does it not? Shouldnt it point to

Thanks again.

Coming back to my question now, I would like to know from you “How can I make my subdomain to point to my firebaseapp?”

I mean where and how should I add my A records from Firebase on Cloudflare for my subdomain.

You did not address either of my two questions.

As I’m a newbie, I’m a bit uncertain about it.

Try changing the value of your search CNAME to aforementiond hostname.

Logically, I also feel that, “It points to the wrong address”. I want it to point to

So point it to that address :slight_smile:

I even did that but no success.

I can’t thank you enough. I searched all over internet but couldn’t find anything relevant. It’s working fine now. The DNS record takes time to update, so maybe that would be one of the reason.

Many thanks!

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