Sub domains not connecting to CDN

Hi Everyone,
We subscribe Cloudflare through Dreamhost (Cloudflare Plus).
Wordrpress website with WPRocket (cache) and Cloudflare plugin (activate on both domain & sub domain)
Cloudflare works well on our main domain . It is not activate on our sub domain
Would be great if we can found help in here.
Thanks, Serge

That’s not much to go on without the actual domain name. Have you tried contacting DreamHost Support? They’re the ones who you’re activating through. Or just post your domain name here and we can offer some suggestions based upon current configuration.

Hi Sdayman,
The domain is ; the first sub domain (will have more after) is
I will also ask Dreamhost if they can help me.
Thanks to let me know if you have any though.
Have a good day, Serge

I see that the ‘usa’ subdomain is a CNAME (alias) for the apex domain (without the www). And the apex (root) domain (not going through Cloudflare) redirects to the ‘www’ which does go through Cloudflare.

From what I see in the Dreamhost documentation, your Cloudflare settings are managed here in the Cloudflare Dashboard, not at Dreamhost.

If you do, in fact, have access to your domain in your Cloudflare account, go to the DNS settings tab and set ‘usa’ to use :orange: instead of :grey:. That would be a good idea for the root domain as well.

Hi Sdayman, when I go to the DNS tab , I don’t have those choices just have :
I try to attach a screenshot below.

DNS Records

Your DNS zone file is hosted by DreamHost, a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the DreamHost website

Ok, then head back to DreamHost and look for ways to make that subdomain “active” on Cloudflare.

Hi Sdayman,
Just receive this link from Dreamhost:
2. Define the wildcard subdomains in your DNS zone file during the signup process. Cloudflare cannot proxy wildcard DNS entries, so to benefit from Cloudflare performance and security, you must explicitly define any entries in your zone file as either CNAMEs or A record entries (I guess on Cloudflare?).

However on Clouflare, I don’t have access to DNS ( Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the DreamHost website
Really don’t understand and turning around.
Thanks to let me know if you can help?

If you’re going to use wildcard DNS, you won’t be able to connect your subdomains to CDN.

Hi Sdayman,
Thanks, at least it is “resolved” & clear, we know where we are, and it can be an interesting resource for peoples trying to resolve the same problem in the future.
Wish you all the best of luck.

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