Sub domaine doesn't have Cloudflare SSL

I put my domain on Cloudflare and i activated SSL on it. I see the SSL is available on but i see the old SSL on Do i have to do something in order to get the SSL certificate on my sub domain?

Was your site working on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Yes, it was

Then make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict and you should be good to go. The hosts you mentioned are all proxied and the proxy certificate is in place.

I just update certificat for the Stirct mode but sub domain is still on the old certificat. Do i have to install Cloudflare certificat on my server?

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean? You might simply have a DNS propagation issue.

I cannot put picture on because i’m a new user. Could i send you to an email?

I am not aware of limits when it comes to pictures. You might not be able to post more than one, but generally it should work. Alternatively you can also post a link to a screenshot.

On this screen shot, you can see that the SSL certificat is not cloudflare one.

On this domain screen shot, we have the good certificat:

On my SSL setup, i have * so SSL

Should be applied an both, isn’t it?

The certificates are all good. You simply experience aforementioned DNS propagation issue. Just wait a bit.

Still, there’s no issue with the certificate you are using right now either.

Many thanks for you help

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