Sub-Domain won't forward

Hi there,

I want to forward the main domain and all subdomains from to I have been able to successfully forward, to but for some reason, won’t forward.

I am carefully using the tutorial by @domjh. Here are my DNS and Rules settings. Any help?

I am seeing the Heroku site not found page when I have not done anything with Heroku.

This domain has never been on Heroku or some other similarly hosted platform?

No. I was using it with Squarespace. The new domain is also with Squarespace.

Thank you for looking into it, @sdayman. Any idea what might be going on?

If the name servers at the bottom of that DNS page are Cody and riya (which they should be since you’re using Cloudflare registrar), then you’ll have to open a ticket to get help. Email them at: `support AT cloudflare DOT come


Yes, I have opened a case with support. Thank you.

It seems was a Custom Hostname (SSL for SaaS) at Kajabi. Contacted their support too and had the Custom Hostname removed. Thanks, Cloudflare support.

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