Sub-domain with www is possible?

Is possible to have subdomain with www?

For example I have domain and can I have also ?


Hi @user1318,

You certainly can just be creating the DNS record, however it won’t work with Cloudflare’s Universal SSL.

Sorry maybe I am stupid, but I don’t understand too much English, it is not my basic language…
What is a point of creating something what wouldn’t work?

No problem, it would work if you don’t want HTTPS or if you use one of the alternatives in the article I linked to like purchasing a Dedicated certificate with custom hostnames.

Do you mean for a $10/mont? :rofl: For that sum of money you can in my country buy a car and marry.

Yes, I’m afraid so. The standard certificate just covers * so will only cover first level subdomains. The alternatives are to not use HTTPS, bypass Cloudflare and go straight to your origin, purchase a $10/month dedicated certificate or upload a custom certificate on a Business plan or above.

Then better for me is to make my own CloudFlare server and charge $5/mo for the same. :rofl::rofl::joy:
Thanks for answers, anyway.

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