Sub domain ssl issue

I update record name properly but sub domain err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch. I edge certificate i can only see main domain. Kindly advice how i resolve this.

What is the domain and subdomain?

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Main domain is and sub-domain

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This has a second level subdomain which isn’t covered by Cloudflare’s Universal SSL (which will only cover and *

If you need to cover this subdomain with a certificate, you will have to use the Advanced Certificate Manager…


I have same issue with other domain www.riyadhulzannah com and subdomain is com

The same applies. is your domain, visa is the first level subdomain.
These will be covered by the Universal SSL certificate.

www is the second level subdomain. This is not covered by the Universal SSL certificate and requires use of the Advanced Certificate Manager if you want to proxy it through Cloudflare.

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In my cpanel i don’t include www and it comes automatically www please advice alternative solution

If you want these subdomains to work, your options are:

  • Buy the Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM)
  • Use the subdomain as “DNS only” and not proxied, so bypassing Cloudflare and going direct to your origin server
  • (Enterprise accounts can use a subdomain setup, but if ACM is a cost concern, then this will be too!)


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The suggestion from @sjr is spot-on, get ACM

BTW, for this to work…

…please copy & paste the error. Not all error typos get picked up, with a paste of the error err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch or subdomain too deep , you could just click the error to get to a solution.


subdomain too deep

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