Sub-Domain Records

I have accurately updated my DNS to point my parent domain to Cloudflare. However, the sub-domains are not functioning until I update those records. I have two questions:

1 - Do I need to purchase a Cloudflare account for every sub-domain in order to use them with Cloudflare?

2 - Can I simply add those sub-domain records to the parent domain records in Cloudflare to make those sub-domains live?

Thank you for any advice or assistance.

No to 1), yes to 2).

When you add a domain to Cloudflare, you need to make sure to copy all DNS records over to Cloudflare from the previous nameservers. The automatic import will find some, but often not all records.


Thank you. So, Cloudflare will not charge me extra for all of my sub-domains, or is there a limit? I apologize for asking billing questions, but Iā€™m unsure of how to contact Cloudflare to inquire about this.

sorry i didnt see your answer fully. thank you so much!

Hello - If I am only creating sub-domains for testing staging website-only purposes, no email, what records do I need to update? Do I still need to create A, TXT, MX, etc., or just certain ones? Thank you!

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