Sub Domain not working after enabling Proxy

We have an A record setup in DNS that points to an IP v4 address and the first-level sub-domain works when only DNS is selected in CF, but not when Proxy is selected. This is an IIS website using it’s own SSL cert. We have the Free CF account as we are trying to improve the security on the subdomain and potential hide it from scanning engines.
Thanks in advance.

What do you see when it doesn’t work when proxied? Is there an error page? What is the domain and subdomain?

Connection timed out Error code 522



Prefer not to put the domains here publicly - if you have another way to get that information, that would be great. I can setup a Sharefile share for you to look at, but would need an email to send the Sharefile sign-up to.

Hi there,

any options for sharing info within a more private space?