Sub Domain Not Resolving

I am new to Cloudflare. i managed to set it up for and it seems to work. I had to delete a CNAME entry and add an A entry to get my mail to work. but it does now. the last thing i can see not working is my sub domains are not resolving. my address of does not work. I read through the help file and tried to point an A record to it but it doesn’t do anything. is there a better tutorial i can watch to show exactly what my entries should look like? thanks

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS screen? Just redact confidential information such as IP addresses.

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dns in Cloudflare or on my host?


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There is no www.cpk host.

what kind of record do i add for that?

Where do you want to point it to?

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all i know is in need to serve up.

That host doesnt resolve either and is not list in your screenshot either. works fine , not sure if thats what you are referring to. here is the bottom of my screen shot

Sorry, misread your earlier reply. You need to add records for the hosts you want to work. cpk and www.cpk if you want the latter too.

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thanks. i didn’t know exactly how to type it in as a record. i added cpk as the name and as the value. i will do the same for www.cpk. just thought i would type this out for people searching the same thing. thanks for your help

Both domains resolve to Cloudflare at this point, so I guess it works :slight_smile:

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