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I have added a new domain to Cloudflare account. There are around 100 DNS records in my hosting account. After adding the domain to Cloudflare account it is showing around 40 DNS records only in Cloudflare.

Do I need to add pending 60 DNS records (sub-domains) in Cloudflare DNS records for them to work or they will work fine as before only without being added to Cloudflare.


You need to add all of them. If you can export a BIND file from the previous DNS service you can import it in Cloudflare.


In case I don’t want to enable CDN/caching for those 60 subdomains, but just want them to work as before, then is it mandatory to add all those 60 records to DNS records in Cloudflare account for them to work properly?

If I don’t add the records will they not resolve?


Correct. Once you moved your domain to CF all missing subdomains will stop working. Like @matteo wrote:

You need to add them manuallly or export all records in a BIND compatible format and import it to cloudflareIf you can’t export them ask your provider if they can do this for you.


If you’re doing a full setup, the need to be there as Cloudflare becomes your authoritative nameserver as part of that sign-up process. If your current DNS provider supports exporting a BIND file, you can import that under the advanced setting to save yourself a mountain of typing.


Exactly, if some subdomains do no need or can’t be proxied by Cloudflare you must set them to :grey:, meanwhile the proxied ones will be :orange:.


If they all point to the same IP, you could also consider a wildcard
record. These will not get Cloudflare CDN/caching at all, but it could
save you time and energy adding each record.


I don’t think they are all records pointing to the same IP…


Thanks. I already implemented it and it is working.

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