Sub domain issue

We are onboarding a large client and I have been trying to add our current sites (sub-domains) to our Cloudflare Business account.
x3 Sub-Domains I am trying too add:,

I get an error when I try and add these sites as they are subdomains owned by the client.
This week our client is changing the DNS - NS records to our Cloudflare name servers.
My question is how can I add these Domains to Cloudflare?
Any feedback very much appreciated.

You need to add the entire zones and change the nameservers for those domains to Cloudflare,
not the NS RRs.

Thanks for the quick response Mark.
So in Cloudflare I simply add new site “” + “” etc… for each of the Root domains, even thoe we do not own or manage them…
This will then import all DNS records + all subdomains for these Root domains correct? but grayed out until the NS records are changed by client.
I would then need to remove everything except for the sub-domains we run?
Then when the client updates the NS records for the subdomains they would then come via Cloudflare?

No NS RRs are != to Nameservers.

~/ whois | grep  Name\ Server
   Name Server: A4.NSTLD.COM
   Name Server: F4.NSTLD.COM
   Name Server: G4.NSTLD.COM

Those records need to be changed to those Nameservers provided by Cloudflare. After that all DNS records nned to stay available, or they will go offline.
I doubt that RBS will move their entire zones, as this will have a huge impact to their business.

You could try this:

How ever i am not 100% familiar with this CNAME sutff (i hate CNAMES) :sweat_smile:

The issue we have here is the client owns and manages the DNS records, zones, Domains etc…
We simply run the websites on their behalf.
I have no visibility of their DNS, I can only submit / ask for DNS changes.
So I need to know what to ask for here to get these client sites working thru Cloudflare before Thursday this week.

Thanks was just replying at the sametime. Yes correct, no chance of changing Root Name servers…
The CNAME route looks like our only option then… even then this could be messy!
Final question. To add the site to Cloudflare… how do we Add New Site… since it displays an error about no sub domains when we try and add?

That’s covered by the linked KB article. Task 1

Yes correct, Task1 - please add the ROOT domain… my exact point… we need to add the sub-domain… but it wont let you.

Hi @d.scott,

I would think you have to add the root domain, upgrade to a business plan and then contact support about the configuration of a CNAME setup, as in the article @MarkMeyer posted above. Alternatively, you could contact sales as an enterprise plan may be better suited to your needs with 2 domains and a custom configuration…

You could always contact support to clarity, but they may take a while to respond if it’s not on a business plan domain.

Thanks, yes we are currently on Business plan.
I have contacted Support and the response is simply please look at these KB articles on how to setup CNAME’s.
Its a simply ask here… which seems to be complicated and going round in circles.
Enterprise plan is $3-4k per month… outside our current budget. So hence another issue…
Support cannot give me a straight answer either.
Our current supplier is Imperva and all we did is asked our client to setup CNAMES job done, no issues what so ever.
Cloudflare on the other hand seems to be very difficult for some reason…

When I add the ROOT domain it imports 53 DNS records… none of which is the sub-domain / zone we require… do I then simply ADD new A record for the subdomain and point to our Load balancers?
Has no one else come across a setup with Sub-domains which are managed by clients before?

here is the example of current setup:
Host Name:

Points to Host:

Yep, the DNS settings in Cloudflare for the root domain will be mostly irrelevant given that the nameservers will not be changed.

That sounds like an autoresponse. Probably reply back to that end explain that you need a CNAME setup, you don’t want to add a CNAME record!

What is the equivalent to Cloudflare… e.g. CNAME

That looks about right, but you need to contact support to get it configured.

Thanks Domjh, I will ask support this exact point. Thanks for the fast reponse!

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So what would the ask of the client be?
Not change to the NS records to Cloudflare… but create CNAME to the records instead pointing to the new?

Yep, they would need to change the CNAME to point to the one Cloudflare require.

I have never done a CNAME setup, so not 100% sure how it works!

@domjh - Thanks so much for all your help!

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Anything to add @truongngoclam768?