Sub Domain Issue in Plesk


I have created sub domain on IONOS and added A record with server IP
Also I added CNAME record in Cloudflare DNS as follows “subdomainname” , content “” Proxied.
Also added subdomain in Plesk and enabled it.

Now Plesk is saying that The website’s domain name does not resolve or resolves to a different IP address.

Any suggestion how to fix it?

Other than the Plesk warning, is something not working?

I can not open content for subdomain. It always redirects me to the welcome plesk page.
The Main domain works perfectly with Cloudflare and Plesk.

I have another domain with subdomain but without Cloudflare (same settings) and it works fine.

So I guess maybe some other parameter is missing in Cloudflare.

Unproxy :grey: that subdomain and see if it works with HTTPS. After clicking the :orange: to unproxy it, give it five minutes to take effect.

If I change A record to DNS only, then I have a warning that this record expose Ip behind the main domain.

I also tried to delete A record then added HTTPS record with priority 0 and server IP address for subdomain.

So far the result is the same…

Correct, but you need to do this to test your host’s configuration.

Then your host’s configuration is not correct. Cloudflare can not fix this, so you’ll have to ask your host.

Thanks, you are right!

Cloudflare is resolving correctly, but looks like Apache has some issue in Plesk. If I try to go to direct content then it works

for example: (works correctly)
instead of just (which still shows default plesk page)

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