Sub domain hosted at different hosting provider not accessible all the time



My Domain is purchased from eicra
My main domain is hosted at digitalocean (say

I have made a new sub-domain that is hosted at Wix
How do I point to it, from cloudflare?

Things I have already done:

  1. I have created an A record in the DNS page of Cloudflare, this A record points directly to the new sub domain’s Wix hosting server IP address.
  2. I have added Wix’s name servers to the primary domain’s name server list in eicra
  3. I have added two nameserver of Wix as NS records in the DNS page of Cloudflare. The previous nameservers of digital ocean are there as well.

However, I cannot always access the sub-domain hosted in Wix, sometimes it works fine but sometimes it just fails.

am I missing something here?

Sakib Rushdi


You don’t need to add Wix Name Servers to your list, there must ONLY be Cloudflare’s.

You only need to point to Wix’s IP address as you already did and remove everything else. You need to undo point 2 and 3.

Notice that it will take a bit for changes to propagate everywhere.


I’m pretty sure Wix won’t work if you’re using Cloudflare. Your site there needs to use their name servers.


Sorry, my bad, I used Wix years ago (I was 14/15) and it worked or I didn’t remember. Could it work if you use a subdomain and delegate it?


If WIX supports subdomain delegation it could/should. I have no idea if they do though.


Exactly the same here! Have not been using their service…



I completely agree points 2&3 are not necessary. I have just removed them with your suggestion. Now only pointing to wix ip from cloud flare DNS.

I have to wait next 48 hours to see the changes if I am not mistaken, right ?



So how do I use wix’s name servers, while keeping cloud flare for my existing primary domains?
Can you kindly guide me through the process, i am an electrical engineer so nubis when it comes to these subjects.


Follow this guide:

You will have to wait a bit for the Name Servers to propagate, yes. But it could work before than that.


Ok, if I put the cloudflare’s could to grey just for my sub domian with wix, in Cloudflare’s DNS page will it then work ?

Becuase I can’t point directly to Wix’s DNS from my domain’s nameserver list. CloudeFlare won’t allow it. Have a look at the email cloudflare sent me today.

So how do I then now get things working ?


You should follow Wix’s guide to use the pointing setup (not the name server one).

I can’t help you much more since the steps are per account.



I think that did it! Using Pointing method instead of the DNS one. Thanks a lot.

Just to sum up for anyone looking at this in future,

What I did:
primary domain @ digital ocean
sub domain @ wix

Domain provider > nameserver to cloudflare > cloudflare points to DNS of digital ocean for primary domian > cloudflare points to Wix sub domain host IP & Wix CNAME record

wix needs to use Pointing method instead of the DNS one.

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