Sub domain from cloudfare

I want to know that how I can make a subdomain, from cloudfare

You would configure the subdomain on your server / hosting platform and then add the DNS records they ask for at Cloudflare.

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How to do that

That’s something you need to ask your administrator/developer about. Cloudflare can’t help configure your server/hosting.

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but they are saying that cloudfare has to do it

You have to add the DNS records at Cloudflare as I said, they should let you know what records to add.

and from where I have to make the subdomain

You configure it at your hosting provider and you add the DNS record in your Cloudflare dashboard here

In my case my domain is on seperate plateform and hosting is on seperate, so what shoudl I do

Ask the support desk on those platforms what records they expect you to add.

You can’t do anything without the relevant information from the platforms you mention, they have to provide you with the records they expect you to add.

After you have retrieved the records to add, from the relevant platforms, that you’re using, you follow the tutorial provided above on how to add these DNS records.


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