Sub domain DNS record missing after few hours even after adding it few times

A few days ago I have created sub domain in hostinger. Because my website is pointed to Cloudflare, sub domain was having an issue with going live. so I contacted the support team of hostinger and they provided me with some records to update in the Cloudflare DNS record. The same record I have updated in Cloudflare but after a few hours it’s gone from it and my subdomain site went down. Every time I updated the records site is working but after a few hours, it went down. so I kindly request the support team to help me out with this issue.

Do you use Ezoic or another 3rd party Cloudflare integration? You can check the udit Log to see the change but it’s likely some integration using the API. If you no longer want this then rotate your API keys/tokens and if you have given your password to a 3rd party (likely Ezoic) then change that too.

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