Sub Domain Certificates

We would like to change the subdomain ( to before the certification renewal.

In order to cover the main domain and subdomain we had certificates that covered for main and subdomain. Now that we have changed our site to we are only going to renew the certificates with

We had mapped the CNAME redirected to but will not be covered with certificates. Will this work? and any security issue we will face?

Can some one help?

The standard Universal SSL Certificates cover the root ( and one level of subdomain (*.abc), so this should not be an issue. If you are using then you would need to use Cloudflare Advanced Certificate Manager.

Separately, your will need to ensure that the certificate on your Origin server covers the relevant hostname (whether that is a Cloudflare Origin Certificate or a regular certificate such as one from Lets Encrypt).

You do not need a certificate on the Origin for the old hostname if you are redirecting all traffic for for that hostname at Cloudflares edge (such as in a Page Rule or Bulk Redirect that matches*).

Thank you Michael

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