Sub domain cant display AMP page

HI everyone

My page got some sub domain. And my question is my homepage got display the actual URL example the domain name will display “”. However other sub domain was not display this.

May I ask about how to solve this problem.


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if the other sub-domains are proxied and set to :orange: at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard? :thinking:

May I ask you to post and share your exmaple URL of the sub-domain name in bracketed dot [.] notation here with us so we could double-check, troubleshoot and provide some feedback information? :thinking:

Are you having the required amphtml LINK tag and a valid AMP code on your sub-domain webpage?

This feature, regarding Google AMP, should work mostly on:

  1. Google Chrome on mobile phone
  2. Google News

Otherwise, maybe you’ve got your sub-domain configured for a Mobile Redirect feature at Cloudflare dashboard? Could you double-check this by navigating to the Speed → Optimization, scroll down a bit to find “mobile” section?