Sub domain block

Hi, I try to block some countries my admin access my subdomain but its does not work, Please advise how does to do

May I ask you to post a screenshot of your rule as an example?

Furthermore, is your sub-domain record being :orange: proxied?

How did you try and block those countries? Was it through a firewall rule or through an IP access rule?

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if we can gone block IP we need to block more 100+ IPs its impossible to block better we can block country.

see the screen short

You probably want to split those rules up because that one looks like it will only block if the requested URL matches both that are given.

You can also try something like this:
(not in {"AF" "DZ"} and (http.request.uri eq "*" or http.request.uri eq "*"))


Thanks, But they can access subdomain through

I try both way its not working

You need to change and path1 to the actual hostname and path.

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