Sub-domain and SSL

I’m in a bit of a mess. My client is using ‘SuperSaas’ for online booking. I’m hosting is site on Hostinger and found out that sub-domains can’t use their SSL.

I was advised to use Cloudflare with a tutorial to set-up SuperSaas using a sub-domain. I followed all this. The DNS in Cloudflare is set to Full Strict, but the sub-domain although working is only http, not https.

I’ve delete any traces of the cnames in hostinger, thinking they could be clashing somehow… I could really do with some help.

Thank You

If it’s the ‘booking’ subdomain, it’s loading for me.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes… that’s what’s confusing me.

Inside SuperSaas the sehdule url is:

It should be https. I have Cloudflare DNS to ‘Full Strict’ I’ve no idea what’s going on.

But it is. What are you seeing?

Yes, Sdayman, it showing as secure, but inside SuperSaas they are giving me http and their support is saying this:

SuperSaaS has no way of knowing whether SSL is installed on your custom domain, so it simply shows http, but you would indeed want to use https instead. I can see how this is confusing, but I’m not sure how to address it. Perhaps displaying it as http/https would be better,

I’m not seeing any issue here. The http link they show redirects to https. But you’re certainly welcome to use an HTTPS link on your site or email instead.

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I’m leaving it as is…


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