Stylesheets and js files are http on a pure https site after i added cloudflare service

I have recreated in the Morning my Domain at Cloudflare. It was in the beginning created by, but it seemed flawed, as I was unable to check what nameservers are needed and change the nameserver properly. So I had removed my domain domain.tld and recreated it. When I received the Nameservers I had changed them on my registrars end.

My domain was already working before. It runs with w3 total cache, yoast seo and some other ‘basic’ plugins.

After a short while (less than 30 minutes) it seemed that Cloudflare had recognized it and everything worked properly. I had made a speedcheck with awesome results and I started to publish new Postings. (gt metrix score of 99% and 97%, purely awesome!!)

Just some hours ago I was publishing some Postings. When I tried to publish the last post for today, I was unable to do so, because the site was no longer to be reached.

Whenever I tried to open the wp-admin Page I got a redirect error… too many redirects. No matter how often and what proxy i tried.

The main Page was completely ripped to shreds as it seemed, as nearly all stylesheets and scripts were called with http:// instead of https:// … I have no clue why that happens. I had put Cloudflare into dev mode, nothing helped, but when i paused Cloudflare, my site suddenly was fully SSL ready and everything worked instantly.

Nothing besides of new postings and the change in nameservers to your nameservers was done. Can you maybe explain why the domain is now having these issues after some hours of switching to floudflare nameservers?

And even more important, what can i do to fix it, what might I have done wrong?! As i have not the slightest idea where I could have made a wrong click or whatnot.

Kind regards

Arno, it’s because wordpress keys itself to the domain including protocol. Make sure that in wordpress the domain is set with https. At this point, you may have to work directly in the database to do so.

I will have a look into it, but I know for sure, that the whole domain is setup as https:// as I do not use http:// any longer… in Europe this seems to be soon even a reason to get mail from a lawyer… as it becomes forbidden (as from what I understood if pages have a contact form, email, login or other user interactions)

I will have a look at the database, but I do not expect to find simething other than https:// as it was installed that way.

Furthermore, without Cloudflare and no htaccess rules of any kind that forces https:// the site automatically redirects http:// to https://

Please post the URL so we can take a look at it.

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