Styles.css showing previous versions on live end


I am having problems with updating CSS on live end for two out of six identical websites.

After purging all cache everything looks fine on wp-admin, however I am still seeing old changes in incognito or another browser. When inspecting with browser tools, I still see the CSS rule that was changed in styles.css. It is being shown with the source as (index). I tried clearing browser cache multiple times, but the changes still do not update for me in the live version.

One of the mentioned websites throws an error when testing cache:

Page caching seems not working for both dynamic and static pages.

Error on dynamic page ( The cache is not enabled on your home page. It's not possible to verify if the page caching is working properly.

Error on static resource ( Unable to find the Cache-Control response header.

Please check if the page caching is working by yourself by surfing the website in incognito mode 'cause sometimes Cloudflare bypass the cache for cURL requests. Reload a page two or three times. If you see the response header cf-cache-status: HIT, the page caching is working well.

How can I make sure that after purging cache it picks up the latest CSS?

May I ask if the Browser Cache TTL feature is set to 4 hours (default), or rather to some other value? :thinking:
Try setting it to “Respect Existing Headers” from the dropdown menu at Cloudflare dashboard → Caching tab.
Then use “Purge Everything”.
After it, try to use a different Web browser, or try clearing your Web browser cache.

Furthermore, how about using a Private window (Incognito mode) or a VPN connection if possible? Is it the same behaviour on your mobile phone (4G LTE, mobile data, cellular)?

Can you share the URL of the CSS resource?

Are you using some custom Page Rules, if so, maybe the Cache Level: Cache Everything is enabled? :thinking:

Hello, my browser cache TTL is already set to respect existing headers. I tried purging all and checking on different browsers afterwards (after cleaning browser cache), but the problem remains on live end.

I have two page rules set up to bypass caching when I’m using wp-admin. Otherwise it slows down my CMS performance.

As for the CSS resource, can you please clarify what exactly you want me to share?

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