Style sheet could not be loaded error

Hi Guys,

I tried to speed up my WP blog and Itick to auto-minify my CSS,Js and html on Cloudflare.
All I got was a “502 bad gateway error”. So I changed everything back. My website got back but now I have “style sheet could not be loaded error” and some of my css is not loading anymore.

I host on Digital Ocean
I have let’s encrypt Certificate
I have a WP blog

my settings on Cloudflare are:
SSL - flexible
Automatic HTTPS rewrites - ON

I have no more auto-minify.

I purged the cache on Cloudflare and I cleared my browser cookies.

I manage other two WP blogs with exact the same settings, and they are fine.

Any ideas on how to fix it?

solved. It was an error in my page html code.

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