Students having to clear Captcha every time they go to specific url

When our students try to access rbmb dot redbirdcourses dot com they get asked if they are human. McGraw-Hill support says it isn’t their Captcha screen. However, according to Arin dot net:

rbmb dot redbirdcourses dot com goes through three Cloudflare servers. (which I can’t post here)

They appear to be protected by Cloudflare for DDOS and rate limiting. My network guy says that they should be able to go into their Cloudflare account and under DDOS or WAF add our ip range to be whitelisted. But they claim to not use Cloudflare at all for their sites.

My question to Cloudflare is could this be an issue on our end. We are a school district with thousands of daily users on a range of about 20 public ip address. Could we get special consideration for our ip range to limit Captcha and rate limits out on the internet?

This has been an issue in the past (more schools/businesses have reached out); however, at the moment there isn’t any fix on the way.

The team is aware of the issue and plans on working on it… eventually.

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