Stuck with wix nameservers

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I am trying to move away from wix but they won’t allow me to change nameservers to Cloudflare. I do have a transfer code though. Has anybody cracked this problem before. Been in an endless admin loop with wix and Cloudflare.


Unfortunately you’re in a bit of a paradox here, Cloudflare will not activate (and therefore allow you to start a domain transfer) a domain until the nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare.

If Wix won’t let you change nameservers, you can’t proceed with the transfer.

I don’t know of any way around this other than to transfer to another registrar, change the nameservers to Cloudflare, and then in 60 days you can do a registrar transfer to Cloudflare – You can set up on Cloudflare and do everything else you want to do while you’re waiting the 60 days, only the registrar transfer needs to wait.


Thanks very much. Good idea. Any suggestions on the temp registrar?

Some make transferring out harder than others, so from my personal experience (when acting as a host and domain registration reseller transferring domains in)…

Google Domains seems to be okay in terms of price and doesn’t make transferring out a challenge. Bluehost (which resell Tucows) were easy, and Tucows forces their resellers to behave in terms of unlocking domains and getting you the auth code without too much hassle.

I’ve always had a fondness for EasyDNS but they’re a bit pricier, so unless you’re Canadian and wanted to stay with a Canadian company, I’m not sure I could recommend paying their premium.

Gandi often comes up in techie chats for reliable registrars, but they’re a bit pricier too.

GoDaddy was the absolute worst that I’ve worked with. They technically do everything they need to do, but they use dark UI patterns and scary popups to distract you from completing the transfer, and at one point it seemed like they tried to push people into updating ownership information in a way that allowed them to lock the domain for 60 more days. I haven’t dealt with GoDaddy or transferred domains out for years, so maybe they’re different, but I literally had to do screen shares with customers to walk them through unlocking and finding the auth code.

Personally I use Cloudflare or “myself” (via my old Tucows reseller account), and then Google Domains, in that order. Full disclosure of my personal bias, I have been a Tucows reseller since 2004, although I mostly just have domains for myself, friends and family now and am not involved with domain registration professionally anymore. This is all very much personal opinion/experience and not a Cloudflare recommendation – MVPs are not Cloudflare staff and cannot make recommendations on behalf of Cloudflare.


Thanks again. What a great response!

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