Stuck with change Nameservers

Need to change Nameserver to Cloudflare via Enom, the registrar but domain not found on WHOIS search. Where do I go from here?

What’s the domain?

You can leave off the ‘www’ since that’s not part of the domain name.

Thanks for this sdayman but how the heck did you get that page? When I log in to my Enom account as directed by Cloudflare it tells me I have no domains registered. I can see the domain in WHOIS but haven’t found a way in to anything to change the nameservers. Hope you can spare me a minute to help this total newbie!


Since that domain is registered at Enom, you’ll have to ask them for assistance in tracking down your settings.

However…that site is already going through Cloudflare, so whatever host you’re using may already have Cloudflare settings that you can not override.


I have a similar issue on my end. I did submit a support ticket. Any help that can be given would be appreciated.

Hi there are you working with Glynn Kosky like me?

I was doing pretty well with week 1 until the change nameserver glitch. So far, I bought my domain through ClickFunnels and it’s up and visible then I was directed to Cloudflare to change the nameserver.
They directed me to Enom but it wasn’t visible there. Contacted Enom support who said it was registered with one of their resellers, DNSimple. Went there but still couldn’t see it. Contacted their support who told me to go back to ClickFunnels for support. I now have an open ticket & am waiting to hear back. Will keep you posted.


So frustrating to waste all this time on something which should be relatively straightforward


My situation is a bit different. The previous registrar for my domain was GoDaddy. At some point, I changed my nameservers to the ones that Cloudflare suggested. That worked for a good while. I then decided to transfer the domain to Cloudflare. That worked, too, but then the nameservers got changed back to GoDaddy.

When I do the Whois lookup for the domain, it shows Cloudflare as the registar, but with Godaddy nameservers. Contacting Godaddy didn’t get me anywhere, since the domain is no longer with them.

I received the domain renewal notice recently, and that’s when I discovered the nameserver issue. There’s no way I can change it, and that’s why I’m reaching out to Cloudflare support. (Whew!)

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