Stuck on the 13th July

We have a WP blog that is stuck on 13th July.

I’ve disabled the caching plugin that was installed, but that didn’t fix the issue.

If I purge the cache on Cloudflare several times, and put it in development mode, and wait five minutes, the problem is solved. But a few hours later it comes back.

Not 100% sure it is Cloudflare, but there’s no caching on the site, and the hosts aren’t caching anything.

Any tips on where to look would be appreciated.

Would you tell us if is there any kind of error code displayed

No, no error.

I’ve now fully deleted the caching plugin just in case. It made no difference.

I’m leaning towards it being the fault of WP. But nothing has changed on the site (other than me disabling and then deleting the caching plugin).

If the webpage is not loading, check by pausing or Check this diagnostic tool:

Send me the url

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