Stuck on pending name server


I have removed my original nameservers and replaced it with the Cloudflare’s nameservers. But it takes almost a week to update. What is the problem?

I hope anyone can help me.


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What’s the domain?

Hi Sdayman,

The domain is

Thanks for the quick reaction.

You are not using Cloudflare as your DNS provider:

At your registrar panel change name-servers to the couple provided to you by Cloudflare (like: and

:wave: @luc2

You need to update the nameservers at your registrar to the pair provided by Clouydflare. Right now they point to

Domain nameservers:


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Sorry for my late reaction.
When I search for the NS om dnschecker it says that i’ts configured right.

I asked my hosting to change the ns. When they did that. My website, mail, invoices software all went offline for 15 hours until i asked to change the ns back to the old ones.

What is going wrong? Because I cant run my business when everything is offline.


That may be the issue… You have to change the authoritative nameservers with your domain registrar, not the NS records with your host / DNS provider.

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