Stuck on nameserver update after changing registrat

so i’ve been using cloudflare for a while for a few domains, even on this domain earlier. But when i change my registrar (transfer my domain) its now stuck on “pending nameserver update”. I already change the nameservers to what i have to.

as can be seen here: Whois

it’s been like this for a few weeks and i tried changing the nameserver to the registrar’s ns and then back to cloudflare again but to no avail. I also succeed in adding the dnssec. but namer server is still stuck.

Also tried to remove the site and then re add it from cloudflare. Any idea?

Your domain has been suspended by the registrar.

You need to contact your registrar.

the hold is now lifted, will update here if it’s unstuck. Thanks

It’s working now, thanks @sandro! cheers

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