Stuck in "Verify you are human" loop

Since yesterday I have been unable to access a website I use every day (rootschat) due to an interminable “Verify you are human loop” courtesy of Cloudflare.
I have tried using two different computers, with Chrome and Edge. Normal and private/incognito modes.
Also two different smartphones using Chrome and Firefox.
All exhibit the same problem - I’m now totally locked out of the site.

I get stuck in a loop because the stupid thing uses fingerprinting it has NO business using, such as canvas, webGL and so on.

I use scriptsafe which comes with some anti-fingerprinting options (if you decide to use it yourself, those anti-fingerprinting options are off by default and it tends to break most sites, it’s very advanced, users beware) and its allowlist feature is a bit unreliable to say the least.

So I have to disable it every time I get that stupid prompt…

Same issue. Disabled all of my extensions (including Canvas blocker, ublock), cleared any cookies related to cloudflare, added cloudflare to every exception I could find in FF and it still loops forever. Works fine in Chrome/Edge/Brave.

Same problem, tried all available methods, still failed

Same problem. Tried all methods, but not working. (In chrome)