Stuck in redirect loop

I have wordpress installed at

Cloudflare SSL Full (Strict) is enabled with Origin CA certificate installed.

Force HTTPS redirect is enabled on server origin and also on Cloudflare.

I’ve got no page rules and no redirect rules in .htaccess shows redirect loop between www and non-www.

I’ve read the troubleshooting article but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my configuration. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Assuming your server IP address ends in 84, that would be something on your server. It does not seem as if there’d be even a page rule involved.

I guess you will have these two redirects somewhere in your server configuration but that is something you will need to check on your server.

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@sandro It does end in 84. Upon further investigation I found it was caused by LiteSpeed Cache (it’s automatically added by my hosting). Flushed LSCache, now it’s working. Thank you for your input.

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