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I have a domain bought through GoDaddy, being pointed to Hostinger - where my website is hosted.

Cloudflare Website instructions have me moving my dns from GoDaddy to Cloudflare - but GoDaddy admin is all greyed out because it’s managed by Hostinger.

So, I changed the DNS records in Hostinger to the ones provided by Cloudflare a few days ago, but it’s been sitting in a pending state ever since.

Web flow to my website still seems to be working for me so just wondering if I had done something wrong by swapping them in Hostinger vs breaking everything and letting GoDaddy have the domain back?

Thank you

What domain?

I did a whois dns lookup on my domain and I’m still showing the old nameservers. I think it is on Hostinger’s end.

So, your domain’s registrar is GoDaddy, and you’re using Hostinger’s DNS. You need to modify your nameserver settings at GoDaddy to point to Cloudflare, just like you did when you made it point to Hostinger.

There’s a guide for changing your nameservers at GoDaddy here: Edit my domain nameservers | Domains - GoDaddy Help US

You need to change your nameservers at the registrar, not your current DNS Host.

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Yeah I’m a dingus. I went to GoDaddy and it wouldn’t let me edit the dns records without removing them pointing to hostinger (I didn’t want to break traffic to website, so I didn’t pursue that further, but of course had I clicked “nameservers”…)

Thanks guys :smiley:

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No problem, if you want to ensure you have no downtime during the move I would check out this guide:

Hostinger has a guide as well, although it doesn’t look too helpful

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You are my hero.

" Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site

Data about your site’s usage will be here once available."



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