Stuck in "pending nameserver update"

Hi! Looking for some help. I submitted a ticket but the auto-reply said I can only ask for help on the forums so here I am.

I am trying to learn how tunnels work. A few months ago I registered / repointed one of my domains name records to Cloudflare and everything worked great. Several days ago I did the same for another domain but as you can see in the picture this second domain is still stuck in “pending nameserver update”.

If you check the records for both domains with DNNSEC analyzer both domains show identical results.

Thank you in advance for help.

Your nameserver setup is not correct, you only set one Cloudflare nameserver. Verify the setup and make sure it matches what Cloudflare requires.

??? See picture below - this is how I have had it set since Friday. Both nameservers have ben set. Am I missing something?

You need to have the 2 Cloudflare nameservers specified in the dashboard listed.

Sorry to be an idiot here but what / where dashboard are you talking about?

The second nameserver is not a Cloudflare nameserver. As mentioned that won’t work.

Cloudflare provided 2 nameservers in the Cloudflare dashboard.

See the picture below from my dashboard. The second Nameserver it lists is what I have entered along with the first one for NS1 (see my first picture at the top).

Where are you seeing that I don’t have a Cloudflare server entered?

Precisely, as already mentioned, you still have a nameserver which is not a Cloudflare one. That won’t work.

You need to set the Cloudflare nameservers and only those. You are currently missing elsa.

I am afraid it can’t be any clearer


My apologies! I have been looking at my DNS page for days now and can’t beleve I didn’t see that…

Sorry for wasting your timer.

No worries, happy new year

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