Stuck in Pending Nameserver Update

Friday (9/28) I began the process of moving DNS for two of my domains to Cloudflare: and

The process for each was identical. The .info domain was completed in short order, complete with DNSSEC setup. All is well with it. For some reason, the .cc domain is stuck in “Pending Nameserver Update”.

Name servers for both were set at the registrar at the same time, and both:
dig ns +short and dig ns +short
have shown the proper Cloudflare name servers for the past 40’ish hours. Any idea what might be holding up the .cc domain? I’ve clicked the “Recheck Nameservers” button several times but it hasn’t moved forward.

Many thanks

I sometimes see the order changed in the WHOIS info, I don’t know if that could be the issue, but try contacting support. I presume they can push the verification or tell you exactly what’s wrong.

Thanks Matteo. What’s the best way to contact support for this?

There is a Support link in the top right of the Dashboard. That’s the easiest way.

Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

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Hi @markm, your nameservers have been confirmed. Check the entries on the DNS tab, orange cloud (by clicking on grey cloud) the records you want proxied through Cloudflare.


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