Stuck in pending nameserver update since 6th of September

Nameserver pending update since 6th of September.

Domain on hostinger, cloudflare name servers added correctly.

Can you please help?

  1. What domain?

  2. If you scroll down on your DNS records page, what name servers are you assigned to?

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  1. ‘metaswissx. com’

  2. ‘graham.ns.cloudflare. com’
    ‘luciana.ns.cloudflare. com’

It seems your old nameservers were not removed during the update. Only the Cloudflare nameservers can remain.         172800  IN      NS         172800  IN      NS         172800  IN      NS         172800  IN      NS
;; Received 500 bytes from 2001:503:39c1::30#53( in 24 ms

5th day already that only cloud nameservers are there.
Default hostinger nameservers have been removed.

Just it’s not updating. Re-did check nameservers for who knows how many times already

*cloudflare nameservers only

@Laudian literally just checked. So it hasn’t been set correctly at the registrar.

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is there, and what would be the solution?

If you are certain that you have entered only Cloudflare’s nameservers, contact your registrar and ask them to fix this.

I’ve seen another thread with the very same problem just a few days ago, though I’m not sure what registrar they used.

Hi @olha.kaz

Also make sure that your registrar is presenting the SOA record, as this is also missing.

But we can still see your old nameservers:


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