Stuck in a loop transferring

Hi all,

New here, apologies I see there are many posts on this topic but non that I can find that answers my question exactly.

I am trying to transfer my domain registry away from my current location Siteground, to Cloudflare. I did the following:

Added my website to my account
Changed the name servers to the CF ones
Tried to complete the process but got a Zip Invalid message at checkout, with a message saying I needed to change the IPS tag first (despite CF support saying don’t change the IPS tag until after checkout is finished).

However at the Siteground end, the IPS could not be changed and support there said the transfer was stuck at Cloudflares end.

Siteground support could not get the IPS to change because of the stuck transfer. CF support kept sending me links to various pages on their site to change the IPS tag. The case was escalated and after almost two weeks, CF finally cancelled the transfer. I asked how to proceed and got no reply. Frankly, the CF support is terrible.

So here I am again at square one. I have added my domain to my account again, and until I change the name servers to the CF ones, am unable to try and proceed. But I’m worried I’ll get stuck in this loop again, where if I change the name servers, the IPS tag still won’t change.

Can anyone who has transferred a to CF please tell me the exact steps they followed, as I have seemingly followed the CF support but found them contradictory (don’t change IPS tag until after checkout, but checkout error message saying I need to change the IPS tag before I can complete checkout).

Do I just change the namservers to CF, try to checkout and hope for the best? Can I change the IPS tag before doing the nameservers?

Any help welcome, before I ditch the idea of CF altogether given how slow an unhelpful support is if it goes wrong again.

Many thanks

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Is your domain already active in your Cloudflare account? You need that step completed prior to attempting a domain registration transfer.

Hi Epic,

Thank you for the reply. It’s not yet active as I haven’t changed the nameservers to the CF ones. I’m a bit nervous about doing this as that’s all I did last time, and from there, could not proceed due to the above IPS tag stuck in a loop issue. Despite the domain being active in CF.

I assume changing the IPS tag before making the domain active is a no no?

Sadly I am not an expert with this stuff by any stretch :confused:

IPS tags are part of the domain registration transfer process and are not involved in changing your DNS to Cloudflare. DNS must be active on Cloudflare in order to be eligible to transfer a domain to Cloudflare registrar. You should not even be in the domain transfer section until after your domain is active and using Cloudflare DNS. Once your domain is using Cloudflare, you can then begin the transfer process.

Ok thanks, understood with the tag. Maybe it was just bad luck last time. I had changed the nameservers and the domain was active on CF. I was getting stats come through on the site etc.

I even waited several days after activation last time before trying to change the IPS tag for the first time.

So basically, I just need to try again?

Change name servers at old registrar
Wait for domain to be active on CF
Then try and complete the checkout process again and hope I don’t get the Zip Invalid/IPS tag error?

If you encounter anything unexpected during transfer, it is best to open a registrar support request from your Cloudflare dashboard. That way you aren’t delaying things with unnecessary nameserver changes. If you do need to open a registrar ticket, you can create a topic here in the Community and share your ticket number.

Understood. Thank you.

But just to be clear in my head, the next step I need to do is change my nameservers to the CF ones in order for the domain to be active on CF? Currently in my dashboard home it says the domain is ‘pending nameserver update’.

Sorry for the many questions but I followed all this last time and want to make sure I’m not missing something obvious.

Yes. You need to complete the pending nameserver update before you can transfer the domain.

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