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Yesterday I got the bind file to import Cloudflare settings for a domain, from another Cloudflare account. Everything looked the same on the DNS settings, so I went ahead at the registrar and switched the nameservers to point to my Cloudflare account.

But there was a problem - so I went back to the registrar and changed the nameservers back to the original Cloudflare account.

But, four hours later, the nameservers point to the original account, but the Local nameservers are pointing at my problematic account…

The parent nameserver reports your nameservers as:

Successes: 9 Tests PassedFailures: 0 Failures
Warnings: 0 Warnings

Local NS Tests
The local nameserver reports your nameservers as:


I have a ticket into Cloudflare, but I’m wondering if there’s something I can do within my account to at least fix the issue temporarily.

The issue is that on the original account, the A record was

On my account, the A record shows as

Adding to the confusion is that these A records are not actually in the Cloudflare settings of either account - they’re being set somewhere, but not through Cloudflare, so it’s not as if I can simply correct the A record through Cloudflare settings.

I’m just wondering if I could create a new A record in my cloudflare, and force it to go to the A record that was coming up when the original Cloudflare account was fully in place…


Hey @george,

The 104. address you are seeing is the IP address of the Cloudflare proxy for an orange clouded record.

So that is expected behavior if the record is orange clouded, the value in the DNS control panel for the zone would be where we will route the traffic to. They are different between the two accounts because Cloudflare has mapped the two accounts to two different IP ranges (the underlying behavior should be the same assuming the two records point to the same place int he Cloudflare control panel).

Since one account was active on Cloudflare it will continue to answer until the validation of the new nameservers is complete then it would take over for the other.

Other than the change in IP is there an issue routing to your websites?


Thanks for the explanation about the differing 104 IPs!

What’s happening is that is getting redirected to - which is another domain whose DNS is managed by the company who has the original Cloudflare account… so maybe they’re doing something on their end based on the original 104 IP, and now that mine’s pointing to a different 104 IP, things are breaking???

Sorry I can’t be of more help with explaining what’s happening at their end.


Also, would the original Cloudflare account go Active automatically when I switch the nameservers to point back to it? Or would the owners of that account have to do something on their end?


Or should I do something on my end to deactivate the domain on my account?


Thank goodness! The original Cloudflare nameservers are now showing in both places, and the site’s back up… must have been a propagation issue?


So i can’t comment on the settings of a particular customer’s account, but one possibility is that on http they may not be listening for the get my kit site on port 80 and instead sending traffic to a default site (the other site you mentioned) and only accepting connections to the kit site over SSL.

There is a period of time it takes for Cloudflare to issue you a new SSL certificate when you move a zone, so we can’t serve that traffic over SSL until the certificate issues. A little bit of a chicken/egg problem there. But you might ask the hosting provider whether the kit site is listening on their virtual server on port 80.

I could totally be wrong about the above, I didn’t check (like I said can’t discuss another customer’s account) but I can make educated guesses as to the cause of the problem based on the symptoms.

By the way… nice kits. I volunteer in Search and Rescue so I have more bug out bags and survival kits than I know what to do with :smiley:

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