Stuck at Pending Nameserver Update

I recently tried setting up Cloudflare with my freenom domain. I changed the nameservers to the Cloudflare ones, but it didnt update. I have now waited about a week, and they still havent updated. They come up as the Cloudflare nameservers when I do a WHOIS lookup.



try to set your CF nameservers in management tools > nameservers.

Might be a dumb question, but where do I find management tools? I’m new to cloudflare.

Wait for approx. 24 hours if done successfully, especially if the domain is new.

Moreover, WHOIS for your domain returns:


Also, later try to flush the DNS records (A, AAAA, CNAME, NS…) via next links:

Enter NS at Freenom like this (in the dropdown Management Tool menu):

then add it on your Cloudflare :

Also, in this case I am not sure it really is a nameserver issue. It rather seems Cloudflare cant run the whois or gets for some other reason the impression the domain is not registered.

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Your Custom nameserver 1 and 2 fields should contain values like:

Nameserver 1:

Nameserver 2:

Moreover, on the Cloudflare dashboard there should be an A www record pointed to the IP address (origin / hosting / web server where the content for your Website is located).

The A www record should be :orange: cloud.

Nevertheless, do not to forget to add another one A record with name @ and the field Content with the same IP address, also :orange.

When you configure it correctly as stated and add the needed “Custom nameservers” as you enter them right, should work propperly.

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