Stuck at "Pending Nameserver Update"

I’m having a bit of an issue getting my site up.
I’ve set everything up to get ready to go and changed my nameservers to where they’re supposed to be (the ones cloudflare gave me). When I click on the box that says “Pending Nameserver Update” the next page says: “Domain transfer complete! Your transfer is complete, however Cloudflare may still be ensuring your nameservers are correct. If you see nameserver instructions below, then you can safely ignore them.” I’m not sure what else I can do. I did a re-scan about 24 hours ago, would this extend the amount of time it takes?

Thanks in advance for the help.


I suspect you used the option to add & transfer the domain in one step and we’re waiting for the nameserver change to take effect before the transfer completes. The former registrar is showing in a whois and I see the confirmation from cf in your dash.

I also noticed this issue in the whois

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited -

You may want to contact your former registrar to see if there is any issue with a transfer hold and to see if you have an option to approve the transfer on their site. Please post back and let us know how it’s going.

Edit - Ah, I see the zone was added, removed and added again. Did you go through a screen similar to this the first time you added the zone upon sign-up?

If so, did you select the continue with default or use cloudflare registrar option?

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Thanks! I’m contacting my previous registrar.

I did not see a screen like that. I just did it because I thought I messed up and just restarted the whole process over.

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So I asked my former host (Bluehost) and they said “Ask current registrar for their IP and provide that IP to Cloudlfare so they can update it and make your site up, Domain transfer and website transfer is different”

Yes, they are different. We recently introduced a one-step process where you can transfer & add (right side box in image above).

Is Bluehost your hosting provider or your domain registrar? I see the Domain transfer complete! message but also see your registrar as Internet Domain Service BS. I don’t see a form of payment nor charge for domain, so I am beginning to suspect the :100: message is wrong.

That would indicate that we’re trying to add the zone to cloudflare but not yet transfer the domain to Cloudflare Registrar. In that case, I think the next step would be to take the two cf nameservers on the DNS page and ask your domain registrar to change them to those two and remove any others. You may have to have them disable DNSSEC if that is active.

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I’m completely new to doing websites so I’m learning as I go lol
Bluehost was my hosting and Google Domains was my domain provider. is my new domain registrar and hosting provider.

My cPanel had a Cloudflare icon under software, so I did that and thought I needed to. Did I just create my own issues? Do I not need cloudflare to run my site?

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I don’t think any issues have been caused. If you add a site to cloudflare and never change the nameservers, the site is not on cloudflare and will eventually be purged from your account. You’d not even notice we were waiting for the nameserver change and it would not affect your ability to build your site. If you move your domain to our Registrar service you’d need to wait 60 days to move it to another registrar.

You don’t need cloudflare to run your site, with it the site will be faster, have free ssl, and be protected from ddos attacks. The best way to use cloudflare is actually to have the site running with ssl in place before your bring in cloudflare, so adding cloudflare is a decision you don’t need to make today.

Lots of people run sites without using cloudflare, but millions of sites chose to run with cloudflare. Good background on what it does here,


Thank you so much for the answer. That cleared things up a lot.

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