Strugling hard with Cloudflare Migration

Hello everyone,

My name is Alice, and I have been using Cloudflare for several years. Recently, I received an email notifying me that Cloudflare would be phasing out Page Rules. I am not a security expert; I have primarily used Cloudflare to enhance the security and speed of my ecommerce site. Two years ago, I followed an extensive tutorial by a developer that guided me step-by-step, which was immensely helpful. Despite the clear instructions, it took me a week to implement everything as the professional had described.

I rarely ask for help because I fear it might inconvenience others, but this time, I truly need assistance. I am embarrassed to ask for help in a forum and to potentially bother others, but I see no other way to ensure that my small store continues to operate correctly, allowing me to make a living from my handmade products. Additionally, I do not want to switch from Cloudflare because I do not understand other services at a technical level. I am a user of the Pro plan.

It is also worth mentioning that I have looked at the guide but do not even know where to start with migrating my Page Rules settings. I have tried to find information elsewhere online without success, as it seems each user customizes their settings based on personal needs. I have found nothing on YouTube resembling a migration guide.

For these reasons, I am here asking for help. I will attach an image of the current Page Rules I have. (For the first rule, I was able to implement it because there was another thread in this forum where another user asked the same question, and I copied the response from Cloudflare’s technical team.)

I apologize if I have caused any inconvenience with this thread or if I have placed it in the wrong category. If so, please forgive me. If anyone could offer their assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time.

It’s never an inconvenience if you communicate clearly. We’re here to help.

We’ll probably take this a chunk at a time to provide a more focused approach.

Each Rocket Loader setting will need a Configuration Rule. Possibly a single one. The general idea is:

If path STARTS WITH /carrito/ OR if path starts with…and so on down your list:

Then scroll down and turn Rocket Loader off:

Because you want to do the same thing to several URLs, you can usually put them in the same rule. Or one rule each…your choice.


Now for Cache Bypass. Those all look like paths, except for preview=true, which is a Query String (the ? part that goes on the end of a URL)

Those can all be in one Cache Rule. I would do Path Starts With for all of those, but Query String CONTAINS for preview.

Make sure you add all the paths you want to bypass cache.


Security Level is also a Configuration rule. You can use Path Starts with for that one, too.

Forwarding rule is a Redirect Rule, which you can see in my screenshots. Another Path Starts with for xmlrpc, and send it off to whatever https://somethingsomething as you did before.

Disable Apps is no longer a thing, as Apps are pretty much gone. You can ignore that.

Disable Performance is also a Configuration rule. You’re probably getting the hang of this already.

Time for a break while I warn you about cache rules, and all of these…

While Page Rules run in order, and only one will trigger (First Match Wins, and then no more matching), the new rules let a request go through all of them, and the Last Setting Wins.

So…if your first cache rule is “Cache Everything for my entire site!”, but your last rule says “Don’t cache wp-admin”, Then wp-admin won’t cache, because you later remembered you don’t want to cache wp-admin, and this is ok.

But, if your first rule is Don’t Cache wp-admin! Then later say Cache Everything on my whole site! It’s going to cache wp-admin, because the last thing you said was to cache everything.

Here we go…just remember all those Bypass Cache rules you just did should be at the end of the list, because you’re saying to cache all that stuff…but DON’T cache these!. The new rules to cache should be at the beginning, and there are only two:

Rule #1) If hostname = then Cache Everything!

Rule #2) If path starts with /wp-content/uploads, then Eligible for Cache, and set Browser and Edge Cache TTL:

I think that’s pretty much it.

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Hello, @sdayman. First, I want to thank you for helping me and for taking a moment from your important schedule. I have already made those changes and have disabled the corresponding Page Rules and Cache Rules.

Additionally, regarding the “ajax” section you mentioned, I have removed it since I consider your help to be more beneficial than a YouTube video that was also helpful in the past (I don’t mean to be rude about the YouTube video).

Now, I will proceed to reply according to your messages since the platform does not allow me to attach multiple files due to my status as a new user. :slightly_smiling_face:


About the no Rocket Loader rule settings :

The Rocket Loader button is set to OFF, just as you demonstrated with your screenshot.

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Those need to be OR, like my screenshots. It can’t be one AND two AND three all at the same time.

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Regarding the Cache Rules, I believe I have understood how the order works, so I have configured everything as you indicated within each rule, and I think I have finally got the order right, or at least I hope so.

That’s the right order for cache rules. As long as they also use OR statements, that should be ok. (I think your last cache rule is the only one with multiple matches, which would be the OR statements)

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I am very sorry, I did not notice this error before. Now, I believe it has been corrected.

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No worries at all. When I looked at the screenshots, I can see that it’s a little confusing because there’s still an And at the end of every line, and it’s easy to overlook the “or” bubbles connecting the statements.

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I believe I have also corrected this error here. I am attaching a screenshot for your reference.

Yes, that bypass rule looks good.

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Regarding this setting, I have copied everything (I hope) as instructed. What I am unsure about is whether the parameter should be 2 or another number in my case. I am not certain how this adjustment might affect the configuration.

Lastly, I have set up the redirection you mentioned earlier. I checked my personal notes and noted that this adjustment was intended to prevent attacks on my website (I’m not sure how, but I wrote it down because I saw it in the YouTube video I mentioned previously).

Sorry, I’d forgotten your actual settings. It should Browser 1 day and Edge TTL 1 Month.

As for the xmlrpc redirect, if it’s to ward off attacks, I use a WAF (Firewall) Custom Rule:

And if you start seeing other common malicious requests you don’t want, you can keep adding them with OR statements.

Oh, there is no problem at all now. I have corrected it in this way.

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So, what I understand is that I will delete the redirection rule and follow exactly your steps to create a rule in the WAF section.

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