Struggling with SSH to AWS via Teams

I currently SSH to AWS via

ssh - i "CERT.pem" [email protected]

I want to now use ssh [email protected] via cloudflare DNS name. To do this i have been told to use CloudFlare Teams , so this I did.

Followed the guide, but now I still cant access the host as it wont accept the connection as the CERT.PEM is still the only authorised key in the hosts authorised list file.

So when I do ssh to the host, It does the Zero Trust check gets my 2FA code etc and then passes the connection to the host, but this still needs the CERT.PEM file and it wont allow me connection. Can anyone advise?

Hi all,

I really would like to know how to achieve this as well. I have a similar challenge.

We created an argo tunnel with access and for webbased tools it works perfectly. We get to the Cldouflare login page and all is working.

There’s 2 things I would like to know how to setup.

  1. In the old situation we used the nomad-cli and we adjusted firewall rules in aws. So we set an environment variable nomad_addr=http://external.ip:4646. Then the local nomad client would work. When we use the ui version now all works well via cloudflared. How can we use the command line version. Ideally we would set nomad_addr=//cloudflare.x.y:4646 but how do we authenticate then?

  2. We also use above mentioned method now ( ssh - i "CERT.pem" [email protected]) to connect to the console on aws (only opening specific ips on aws firewall) whilst we would like to be able to use the SSH browser version and or SSH via cloudflared but then passing through the cert.pem.

Any tutorial would be highly appreciated

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Any Update on this issue?