Struggling with setting up a simple DNS routing to my own authoritative server

Hi, I am running my own authoritative DNS server and my objective is to merely forward the DNS requests that the Cloudflare’s nameservers receive to my own DNS server but to no avail. What I currently have are 2 records:
A record: - MY_RESOLVER_IP (DNS only)
NS record: - (DNS only)

But those don’t appear to be enough, any DNS requests for * are stopped at the Cloudflare’s nameservers and just return whatever data is stored there, instead of these requests being forwarded to MY_RESOLVER_IP which is the IP of my personal DNS resolver server. What am I missing there?

NS records here only work for delegating away a subdomain. By the time someone’s DNS lookup would find the NS record you’ve listed for your domain, they’ve already found your domain and don’t need that NS record.

If you want DNS requests for a subdomain, your NS record would have to be:
NS ‘sub’ points to You might even get away with NS ‘*’ that points to ns1.

Could you clarify your last line?
Cloudflare won’t let me use wildcard * as the first parameter when adding the NS record. And I do already have an NS record of root domain aka pointing to

Well…I guess not. So you can forget about that idea.

I was told that it’s possible to achieve what I want with Cloudflare. Is there any way I could get in touch with their team to clarify it? The support page redirects me there.

Unless you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS firewall product (optional Enterprise feature) that’s not something Cloudflare provides.

But if you just want to forward all the records, why not simply point to your nameservers directly at your registrar?

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