Struggling with DNS setup for email - Help?

Apologies for amateurish question. Recently lost our tech support after over a decade, so I’m trying to pick up the torch.

Switched our hosting a month ago, and since then, have had problems receiving email via Gmail (set up as alias). I can ping the email ([email protected]) via MXtools, and I can see the emails via my server’s Cpanel. I’ve sent the verification from Gmail and verified, but still not seeing emails to this account in Gmail.

I suspect I’ve set something incorrectly at Cloudflare. Can someone smarter then me look at my DNS (attached) and give me some insight? Much appreciated!

Mail is aliased to your apex domain, and that’s set to :orange:, which doesn’t proxy mail protocols. Here’s a tutorial:

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Thanks, sdayman!

I’m trying to keep up, but I’m a community guy, not a web guy. I think I have everything fixed that the tutorial mentions, but it assumes the user knows more than the average site owner.


Also wondering if possibly I have something set wrong at the host… I’m attaching a SS of my DNS for CF and A2Hosting, just in case it’s helpful. TIA for looking and any assistance, much appreciated!

You don’t need that first MX record of ‘mail’. The MX record right below with your domain is what mail servers need to connect to.

That should take care of inbound mail. What have you tested lately?

Thx SD! OK, made that change, but I’m still stuck. reports ‘SMTP server taking too much time to respond’
Using tests, nothing came through Gmail, but I got a pingback via Cpanel.

(attached header and report)


Hi @nicoclub,

Thanks for the feedback on the tutorial, so I can improve it for future - would you be able to explain what it was in there that was difficult to understand / complicated?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like everything is there in DNS. You should contact your new host and have them help you out. The problems started with the new host, and Cloudflare is only providing DNS which matches your provider’s DNS.

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