Struggling to transfer in domains

I have been trying to transfer in some domains for the best part of this week, I have reached out to support but as yet haven’t had any meaningful discussions with anyone, nor has the issue been resolved.

The error is simply that “Something went wrong…” after entering the auth codes for a couple of the domains, I have tried transferring them all before and that didn’t work either so I tried again today with just two, and then finalizing the order.

Hoping someone from Cloudflare can assist with this, the ticket ref is 2411379. It’s possible these domains have been tied to a historic Cloudflare account that I no longer have access to. I’ve moved things around a bit over the course of a number of years between Google and Namecheap, but finally settling back with Cloudflare for good.

Many thanks

Is it usual to be waiting for Cloudflare support for 7 - 10 days? I don’t necessarily expect support over a weekend but this case has been open for longer than that and I’m still making no progress in reaching someone at Cloudflare that can help.

This is not support but the community so we cannot see your ticket. If you opened a ticket through the dashboard and selected ‘Registrar’ as the category then you should already be on to the right team.

What do you mean by this? Has your ticket got an autoresponse and been closed or have you talked to an engineer and you’re just not happy with their response?

Oh I knew this was a community, but I opened the community post primarily because I saw Cloudflare support popping into the occasional post here and there and replying to get things sorted/escalated. In my eyes, this was a bit of a waving of arms to try to draw attention from one of them.

I had a reply from Cloudflare within a day, and was told it’s being sent off to a different department and that’s it. All responses rapidly dried up, I then asked for an update a couple of days last week, and still nothing. So I raised a new ticket, I don’t think waiting over a week is impatient, and that was closed and merged into my original ticket and still no resolution.

I’ve used Cloudflare for years, I’ve worked in the industry for 15+ years so I am competent with all the technical aspects, it’s just sometimes you have to rely on support to get an error fixed that’s preventing you from being able to do something seemingly straight-forward.

I’m just trying to move some 30 odd domains into my Cloudflare account, nothing special or clever, done it dozens of times before, but in this case I just get errors about subscription creation. The billing method isn’t the issue as it charges my card fine every single time I try to attempt it across all different domains.

I’ll escalate this ticket and ask one of the registrar support team to look into why you haven’t had an update there.

You should have had another reply on the ticket and the issue has been escalated to the registrar team now.

Your Domain is set to Private

No, it isn’t.

Yep, had a reply late last night escalating it to the engineering team so fingers crossed for a resolution shortly.

Thanks for getting it looked at.

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We’ve updated your ticket requesting a har capture - if possible for you to re-attempt on 1 of the 4 domains - to assist in expediting the ongoing engineering escalation.

Thank you

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