Stripe Payment Field Not accepting Data

Hi, before when I disabled the Rocketloader it allowed the payment field to take payments. Now it is still not loading. Can you please help me? You can see here you cannot enter any data in the Stripe field. Can anyone see what setting in Cloudflare is in conflict?

Thanks, A

That’s not a Cloudflare issue, the element does not work either when the page is loaded directly from your server.

Furthermore, your server certificate expired half a year ago, so you must have a less secure encryption mode on Cloudflare. Renew your certificate and change that to “Full strict”.

You renewed the server certificate :+1:t2:

While not exactly a Cloudflare issue you should check out

That script throws an error, which then appears to stop Stripe from rendering the payment field properly.

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Thank you Sandro, you are correct! Sigh… now… down to work here. Thank you for your good service. M

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