Stripe checkout issue

Hello, we are having issues with Stripe checkout and Cloudflare. I have set the Firewall rules for the Stripe IPs to be allowed but it didn’t make a difference at all.

The error I get when opening the checkout page from Stripe (SCA Support for European countries):

Something went wrong

You might be having a network connection problem, or the payment provider cannot be reached at the moment.

I think it might have to do with caching issue, not firewall - because when I flushed out my browser cache, it didn’t help so when I plurged out Cloudflare’s cache (not disabling it), the checkout is working fine (only after flushing browser cache again). Then a few orders would start to come in from customers within a day or two then stopped. The orders would come flowing in if I plurged Cloudflare once again…

Is there any settings or options in Cloudflare Dashboard that might affect Stripe checkout or connection? I believe checkout is using iframe (as well as Stripe Intergation plugin in the wordpress - e.g. checkout button has iframe code on it).

Also I read that Stripe uses older TLS 2, not 3 so I changed it down to 2 on Cloudflare dashboard but that didn’t help either.

I’m hoping to get to the bottom of this issue. Did not have any problem with Paypal at all.



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Thank you for asking.

May I ask have you tried adding them to the Firewall → Tools → IP Access Rules? :thinking:

But, maybe if they are using a lot of IPs then this might be difficult to gather and enter, or maybe by the /24 or /16 range as in CIDR format (which IP Access Rules accept).

Under the Firewall → Overview, do you see any blocked or challenged requests for it?
Maybe it’s the Bot Fight Mode which causes the issue? :thinking:

Otherwise, I’d suggest you to try to add your origin host/server IP to the IP Access Rules just in case (as it uses WordPress and it’s WP-cron, and similar requests with even empty user-agents etc.).

Thanks for getting back to me. No, I didn’t add them, they were added under Firewall Rules and having just played with IP Access Rules, I can only see that it allows only one IP to be added at a time. I have quite a long list of IPs addresses.

Bot Fight Mode is always turned off. Overview, I do not see anything apart from one or two allowed via Firewall Rules but nothing is untowards or blocked.

Having looked at Stripe log, it seems ok although there might be one standing out - resource_missing - payment_page and when I clicked on it, it is just blank. Having talked to Stripe support and the team spent around 15 minutes looking at everything and came back to me saying everything is working as they should be.

I guess you meant the ip address of my host where my site is at, just put this ip to IP Access Rules to see if it works?

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Just looking at some of the Cloudflare dashboard settings, I noticed this one:

Browser Cache TTL

It was set to 4 hours - so I changed it back to Repect Exisiting Headers. Hopefully that could be it but will report back anyway.

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Hello there,

We have a similare case using wordpress/woocommerce and stripe payment gateway.

In checkout page, sometime (not always) the 2 steps authentification payement failed. The iframe asking for confirmation doesn’t seems to appear for some customers (why ? we don’t know we can’t reproduce)

It’s maybe due to conflict between several plugins or it can come from one rule in Cloudflare. Hard to be sure.

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