Stress testing website with CURL

I’ve been stress testing on our website by posting form data through CURL (I set up a separate server on Linode to create 100 instances of CURL to hit our website, with a sleep time of 1 second on each instance).

I noticed that after around 5K form submissions through CURL I’m now getting blocked. I can submit form data through my web browser just fine, just not through CURL. I even tried on my local machine.

I whitelisted the IP of the server that’s sending these CURL requests, but no go. Is there something else I should be doing? I’ve been searching through the previous threads, but maybe my search query is incorrect, because I couldn’t find anyone else with my exact issue.

Also, one more question: I upgraded to the Pro plan. Is this effective immediately?


Check the Firewall Events Log to see if your blocked requests are there. If so, it will also show you which rule was violated.

Plan upgrades are immediate. Is there some Pro feature that’s not available or working for you?

No, I just wanted to make sure all the Pro features were available immediately. Thanks.

I did check the Firewall Events log, but it’s empty, so I’m guessing it’s not the firewall? Anything else I should be looking for?

It could very well be your server. What’s the block message you’re getting?

Thanks, you were correct. It was an issue on our side. We’re fine now.

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