Stress testing load balancing?

I want to use Cloudflare load balancing,

is there a way of stress testing it to make sure everything working fine?
right now I am stress testing each server directly but looking for a way to test the servers working fine behind the balancer

By stress test… do you mean check to see if each origin server is answering/ being connected to? Cloudflare does health checks against the origin servers so you should see those in your application logs. By default those happen against every origin from every one of our POPs globally.

We also go health checks on origin servers and notify you when an origin server becomes unavailable.

I mean by using service like
is it even possible? if I remove the orange cloud does the loadbalancing still works?

If you gray Cloud a record load balancing still works. So you could create an alternate host name with the same origin pools to test your app while leaving the real app orange clouded if you wished.

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